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Greg PowersGreg Powers
Starting the group in 1985, founding member Greg Powers, currently sings tenor. He has been a mainstay on stage for more than a quarter century serving as the group’s emcee, and bass guitarist. Both on and off stage he continues to lead the ministry efforts and is most respected by industry peers as a solid quartet manager. His devotion to the music ministry is the epitome of commitment in an ever changing society.

Eric LipfordEric Lipford
Eric Lipford from Alamo, TN joined the ministry in July 2005 where he remained for over a year until he left to pursue private studies at the University of Tennessee-Martin. He returned in March 2007 to perform double duties as the groups’ lead vocalist and pianist. He brings dynamic delivery to the vocal arrangements as well as keyboard talents that are seldom paralleled by musicians today. His youthfulness is complemented by his down home sense of humor and humility.

Floyd CairnsFloyd Cairns
Bass singer Floyd Cairns, from Thompsonville, IL came aboard in July 2010. For more than twenty years this dynamic bass vocalist has been a featured soloist not only at his home church, but as part of the Southern Illinois Homecoming Choir. Although new to the industry, with his deep rich voice he is destined to become an inspiration to future bass singers in the years to come. His commitment to progress is matched only by his heartfelt determination to uplift Christ through music.

Curtis FarrisCurtis Farris
Most recently, Curtis Farris, a native of Memphis, TN joined the team to sing baritone. Having previously sang with prominent groups such as The Senators, & Southern Heritage, and others Curtis brings more than twenty five years experience as a gospel singer to complement the team. A seasoned veteran, his voice now provides the basis for the unique harmonies of this group. Here he continues to fulfill his calling to the ministry with class, concern, and commitment in every song.

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"Miracles" from our "Miracles" project is on the radio!
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"Miracles," Is now available in our store. Click here to listen to samples.
New Recording
"Miracles," Is now available in our store. Click here to listen to samples
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