Provisional Mission Statement

Four Fold, being led by the Spirit of the Lord, desires to utilize the talents that He has given them to minister to the hearts of lost people as well as to those who are already a part of the body of Christ.

First to the lost:
They have a message to share how Jesus as Savior died for their sins and how each one who believes shall be saved. (John 3:16)

Second to the Christian:
They want to encourage those who are hurting or experiencing heartache, as well as showing everyone how they can all enjoy salvation to its fullest.

Four Fold operates as a ministry, and trusts that the Lord will provide all spiritual, physical, and financial needs. He provides through His people by each of them being sensitive to appropriate worship time, fellowship and travel expenses.

Four Fold performs in various churches, auditoriums, or other venues while providing professional sound equipment to accommodate the needs of the audience. They also provide a product table for music ministry outreach in the form of C D’s, videos and Christian apparel which may be purchased to offset the operating costs of the ministry.

Recent News

Current Single
"Miracles" from our "Miracles" project is on the radio!
New Recording
"Miracles," Is now available in our store. Click here to listen to samples.
New Recording
"Miracles," Is now available in our store. Click here to listen to samples
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